Core Area 1: Operational issues

Core area 1: Operational issues

Candidates should demonstrate both their understanding and use of learning technology. “Use” might include the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching, the development, adoption or deployment of technology to support teaching, training or learning.
This should include evidence of three sub areas:

a) An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technologies

b) Technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology

c) Supporting the deployment of learning technologies

a) Technologies


An eLearning authoring tool that helps educators design interactive, engaging lessons and concept checks.

This tool can be used across all LMS platforms by incorporating each ‘object’ into each subject site’s content to allow students to check their learning.

b) Knowledge

c) Deployment

Published by Kavita Kaur

Learning Designer & Technologist, Deakin University (Faculty of Health).

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